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Bengals vs Jaguars: Week 4 Madden Simulation

We simulate the Bengals vs Jaguars in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the Sunday game

Bengals vs Jaguars highlights

Well the Bengals don’t have the worst record in the NFL anymore, yet Joe Burrow is still without his first NFL win. This coming weeks matchup against a Jaguars team that is also struggling is a great chance for him to get that first win. Would also be a great game for John Ross or A.J. Green to attempt to redeem themselves.

So with that in mind let’s take a look to see who it predicts as the winner of Sunday’s game.

To start off the game, the Jaguars receive the ball and start to drive down the field they slowly and methodically move the ball down the field with the Bengals defense offering little resistance. Eventually they score on a pass to D.J. Chark.

D.J. Chark first touchdown

Jaguars: 7-0

Following the D.J. Chark touchdown the Bengals receive the ball and try to get a drive of their own going, but are unable to move the ball much at all. The Jaguars get the ball back and after a quick drive score on the Chris Thompson touchdown run.

Chris Thompson first touchdown

Jaguars: 14-0

The Bengals are now in a hole and desperate to get something going before halftime. They start the drive, but once again are not able to sustain it after a drop by Tee Higgins. The Jaguars receive the ball, and once again, the Bengals defense falls apart at the end of half and allow a touchdown. The Bengals are now down 21-0 going into half.

D.J. Chark first touchdown

Jaguars: 21-0

The Bengals don’t give up though getting a quick touchdown drive following the half. Scoring on a Joe Mixon run play.

Joe Mixon first touchdown run

Jaguars: 21-7

Following the play however, the Jaguars are able to get down the field themselves and score a touchdown to make it a three possession game. This time on a pass to the tight end.

Tight End touchdown dance

Jaguars: 28-7

The Bengals try to put together some more drives to get back into it, but its too little too late really as they score with under two minutes left in the game.

John Ross first touchdown

Jaguars: 28-14

The Bengals get the ball back after using up their remaining timeouts, but are unable to put any more points on the board as the game ends.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 2-0-1

Final Score and Stats