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Malik Jackson will not be fined for brutal hit on Joe Burrow

You’ve got to be kidding me.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals offensive line isn’t good, and rookie quarterback Joe Burrow has been hit plenty of times. But, through three weeks, there haven’t been too many hits that one would consider dirty.

However, in their Week 3 tie with the Eagles, defensive tackle Malik Jackson delivered a crushing blow. Not only was he destroyed on this play, but Burrow had been sacked on eight other drop backs. The protection for the star rookie just wasn’t there.

That said, here’s a look at Jackson’s hit, which was flagged.

In a time when we’ve seen coaches fined six figures for not wearing a mask, the NFL is doing what they can to keep the players and staff healthy, but when they get on the field, that goes away apparently.

Jackson will not be fined for the clearly overly excessive hit.

The NFL and the refs must be better.

This wasn’t just a normal hit. It was a late hit that came clearly after Burrow had already thrown the ball and had above a normal amount of punishment thrown into it.

With two touchdowns, Burrow had been the Bengals only source of offense, and this hit was most definitely dirty enough to warrant some time of action by the league.

Burrow ended with over 300 yards and two touchdowns, helping lead the Bengals to their first non-loss of the season.