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Bengals at Ravens: Week 5 Madden Simulation

We simulate week 5 of the Bengals at Ravens to try to predict the outcome of the week five game

Bengals at Ravens Madden Highlights

Joe Burrow got the first win of his NFL career! That was awesome and while it is a great sign of things to come it is likely not a sign of things to come this coming week. The Bengals this coming week are facing off against one of the best teams in the NFL in the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow should have a great rivalry for years to come, but no one will fault Burrow for losing this one. If the Bengals are able to pull this one out though it will be because of Burrow and hopefully phenomenal play.

So with that in mind let’s take a look at the Madden sim to see what it predicts for week 5.

The Bengals offense does not get off to a great start against the Ravens starting with the ball and quickly having to punt. The Ravens have to punt and the Bengals do too following the Ravens. After three punts though the Bengals defense finally starts to fold and the Ravens are able to drive down the field and score on a long Lamar Jackson run.

Lamar JAckson first rushing touchdown

Ravens: 7-0

Following the touchdown the Bengals receive the ball and begin to drive down the field and actually get a good drive going, but end up punting from the 45 yard line. Following that the Ravens receive the ball and drive all the way down the field before Lamar Jackson hits Mark Andrews for a touchdown.

Mark Andrews first receiving touchdown

Ravens: 14-0

After the Ravens second score the Bengals finally get a good drive going, but end up having to settle for a field goal.

Bengals first field goal

Ravens: 14-3

After the Bengals field goal, there is less than a minute left in the half, and as the Bengals always do they give up a score at the end of the half. Ravens get a field goal.

Ravens first field goal

Ravens: 17-3

Ravens start the second half with the ball and waste absolutely no time getting down the field and scoring on a JK Dobbins run.

JK Dobbins touchdown

Ravens: 24-3

The Bengals get the ball after the touchdown and after a valiant effort end up having to punt. The Ravens receive the ball and once they are almost at midfield Lamar Jackson is able to make a man miss on his way to a 50+ yard touchdown.

Lamar Jackson second rushing touchdown

Ravens: 31-3

Bengals get the ball back and fail to get any points, Ravens are trying to run out the clock and end up having to punt themselves. Pinned inside their own ten the Bengals begin a drive and get all the way down to goal to go situation where they score their first touchdown with under two minutes left in the game.

Drew Sample touchdown

Ravens: 31-10

Following the touchdown the Ravens are able to get some first downs and run the clock down and win the game 31-10.

Final score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 2-1-1

Final Score and Stats