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Bengals cornerback Darius Phillips goes out with leg injury

Darius Phillips has a strange and possibly scary looking injury as the Titans get on the board.

New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The Bengals may have to figure something out with their rotation at cornerback. Darius Phillips went down with an injury as the Titans scored their first touchdown of the game in the second quarter, and he was untouched on the play, which is usually not a good sign for the player.

Phillips went down as soon as the play started grabbing his thigh area. Hopefully, he is able to return. The Bengals have been without Trae Waynes for the entire season, and they just got William Jackson back from a concussion, but without Phillips we will likely see plenty of LeShaun Sims as Tennessee has rarely gone with three wide receivers out there for Mackensie Alexander to be able to go out on the field as a nickel corner.

Phillips notably made a comment publicly on twitter a few weeks ago that seemed to call out coaches for wasting his talents. He was looking to bounce back this week after giving up the game-winning touchdown last week in Cleveland. He is still a very talented young defensive back who has been one of their best players at creating interceptions the past two seasons.