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Joe Burrow’s attitude has left a stamp on even his opponents

Burrow continues to be the leader the Bengals desperately needed.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

No one is forgetting that the Cincinnati Bengals won just two games last season, but no one would’ve wanted things differently as the team found the future of the franchise in quarterback Joe Burrow.

After Burrow was taken No. 1, he immediately got to work. It’s been paying off in a big way.

The 6-foot-3 rookie has been a tear this season, throwing for over 2,700 yards and 11 touchdowns en route to helping the Bengals post a 2-5-1 record. He’s broken a slew of league records as well.

While his accuracy and his poise have both been noticeable and can easily be seen through his stats, what can’t be seen and is just as big of a factor is his leadership.

He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t pout — he just works. His entire personality can be wrapped up in this one story Chris Collinsworth told of a play that happened in the team’s Week 3 tie against the Eagles.

“He (Burrow) took that shot and everybody in the stadium all looked back at the referee to see whether he was going to throw the flag or not. Basically Joe Burrow got up, saw there was no flag, didn’t complain, didn’t do one of those [gesture]. He turned back to Graham or Malik Jackson or one of them and he said, ‘You know when I’m the GOAT, I’m going to get that call.’ And everybody on their defense was like ‘I like this guy.’” Collinsworth said on The Lefkoe Show.

The confidence that is instilled in Burrow is slowly coming across the whole team, and it’s obvious. There’s a positive feel after the trade deadline, one that saw players like Carlos Dunlap, who clearly didn’t want to be in Cincinnati, leave.

Burrow is now the obvious leader and future of the offense while Jessie Bates, Sam Hubbard, Carl Lawson and others captain an improved defense.

They’ve improved as a team tremendously, recently beating the then 5-1 Titans. That said, some are so high on the Bengals that they’re predicting that they’ll down the undefeated Steelers in Week 10.

It’s not just your average Cincinnati-favoring analyst either. It’s Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio who thinks Cincinnati will down the league’s last undefeated team.

“It’s time. There have been too many close wins for Pittsburgh. And Joe Burrow is determined to will his team into fringe of the the playoff chase,” Florio said.

That said, it’s time to say it again — it’s Burrow time baby.