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Cincy Jungle Dream Team Bengals Podcast: Steelers Week

The Cincy Jungle podcast crew gets together to discuss all recent Bengals news.

It’s Steelers week for the Cincinnati Bengals.

This week, we’re continuing to bring you part two of a special collaborative episode from all of the talking heads on Cincy Jungle’s podcast channel.

Ace Boogie and Zim WhoDey of Orange is the New Black, Chalk Talk’s Matt Minich along with John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza of the Orange and Black Insider came together again for a sequel to the previous All-Star Bengals bye week podcast episode.

The fellas discuss the season’s outlook, Takk McKinley, the Steelers, the coaching staff and much more.

Our thanks to those who joined us live Wednesday night! If you were unable to catch the recording, download it on your favorite audio platform afterward and/or check the videos on the New Stripe City and OBI YouTube channels!

Thanks for listening!

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