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Joe Burrow discusses controversial Bud Dupree play that led to ankle injury

“He might have pushed me a little late, but it wasn’t a hit.”

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals had a rough outing Sunday when they fell to the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers 36-10.

During the game, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow suffered an ankle injury on what appeared to be a late his out of bounds by Steelers’ linebacker Bud Dupree.

Burrow threw a pass on the run and landed out of bounds when Dupree appeared to give him a shove that sent Burrow slamming into the bench on the sidelines followed by Burrow grabbing his ankle.

According to ESPN’s Ben Baby, Burrow was asked about it and he dismissed the actions of Dupree. “It wasn’t a hit or anything. He (Bud Dupree) might have pushed me a little late, but it wasn’t a hit.”

Burrow also noted that the Steelers weren’t trying to put a lot of late hits on him. “I think I think Pittsburgh did a good job of not hitting me too late. If they did, they kind of held me up and didn’t fall on me.”

As for the loss, Burrow put the blame on himself and not because of the apparent ankle injury.

“I missed throws. That’s all it came down to. You’re not going to be able to win football games against a team like the Steelers as good as they are when your quarterback plays like I did in the second half.”

While Bengals fans have to love Burrow’s attitude and the way he wants to win, we have to wonder if the obvious late push that injured his ankle affected the play of Burrow the rest of the game.

Burrow didn’t have a preseason to learn a lot about what to expect in the NFL and once again he had to learn on the fly and now he has a better understanding of what to expect when he suits up against his biggest rival in the AFC North.

The Bengals will be on the road again this Sunday when they face the Washington Football Team at 1:00 PM on CBS.