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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Capital W

John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza dissect the fallout of the Bengals’ embarrassing loss to the Steelers, present a couple “Stats of the Week” and preview the upcoming clash against the Washington Football Team.

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The Cincinnati Bengals took one on the chin last Sunday evening.

It was rainy, cold and windy in Pittsburgh, but the Steelers fought through the elements to grab their 11th consecutive win over their rivals in Ohio. Familiar mistakes plagued Cincinnati as they are now deep in the AFC North cellar.

John Sheeran and Anthony Cosenza break down the elements of this week’s loss to Pittsburgh and what, if any, signals are to be ahead for the months ahead. The duo also provides some “Stats of the Week” and preview the Washington game coming up this week.

Some of the talking points this week:

  • Was the loss more due to the personnel losses from Covid, injuries and inclement weather; or, was it another example of poor preparation and less talent than most perceive the team to have?
  • A particular second quarter sequence of plays for the Bengals’ offense was a major turning point in the 36-10 loss to Pittsburgh. We broke down the film.
  • Our “Stat of the Week” is a dubious one that points to how wide the chasm currently is between the Bengals and the Ravens and Steelers.
  • The Washington Football Team’s defense is a bit more effective than most people suspect at first blush.
  • Is the ground game of utmost importance for the Bengals’ offense this week?

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