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The entire NFL is going into strict COVID-19 protocols as cases rise

The NFL is putting more effort into staving off a rush of COVID-19.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is not playing any games with Covid-19. Hoping to continue their season, the league is putting “intensive” protocols on all 32 NFL teams. The NFL released the notice via memo on Wednesday.

The Bengals are one team that’s already been under these protocols for the last several weeks due to numerous positive tests. That said, here’s what it will mean for teams as they go about practicing and preparing for the remainder of the season.

“Requirements under the intensive protocols, which 28 of the league’s 32 teams have already experienced at some point this season, include virtual team meetings and the wearing of masks by all players and staff at all times while at the facility, including during practice,” ESPN’s Dan Graziano wrote.

Roger Goodell mentioned how crucial being flexible is, and this certainly put that to the test. It is somewhat of a positive that the bulk of the league has already had to have these enforced, understanding what it takes to continue with their protocols in place.

The NFL made the decision due to the Covid-19 rates in the United State along with “data it has been collecting all year regarding close contacts.” It should be expected these procedures will be the new norm for the remainder of the season.

The Bengals, who were without four assistant coaches against Pittsburgh, have been hit hard by Covid-19, yet they’ve managed to keep their schedule in place and have yet to have any infractions of the rules.

It’s a sad reality that cases are going to happen within league circles, but for now, it’s about minimizing the exposure. And with winter and the holidays coming up, it’ll be more difficult now than ever before.