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5 potential landing spots for John Ross

If the Bengals want to trade John Ross, where should he go?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

John Ross has said that he wants to be traded if he can’t play in Cincinnati.

Ross was inactive on Sunday against the Titans for the fifth time in eight games. HIs stat line from 2020 looks a lot like that from his rookie season. Two receptions for 17 yards.

If the Bengals decide to trade him, where could they send him?

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles’ have been hit with the injury bug, especially on offense. Their best threats at wide receiver are a converted quarterback, and a former sixth round pick who was cut by the Packers and the Lions in the last two years.

Someone has to win the NFC East this year, so why not the Eagles? Getting a new, speedy wideout might help their chances of winning the division.

New England Patriots

Pop quiz: name a healthy Patriots receiver. If you named any of the following, you were correct:

You didn’t get it, did you?

Bill Belichick is an expert at taking players that have no evident NFL future and helping them thrive. Ross fits that description.

The Patriots are not currently in the playoff hunt, which is exactly the problem. Cam Newton has no weapons, and the Patriots keep losing. Belichick will want to do whatever he can to make it back to the playoffs.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders lack a true WR1. The Raiders’ top receivers are a tight end, a slot receiver, and a running back.

Ross paired with Henry Ruggs would give the Raiders so much speed on the field. Not only could Ross get more playing time, but he could open up the defense for Darren Waller, Hunter Renfroe, Ruggs, and everyone else on the Raiders offense.

The Raiders are 3-3, so if they want to do something to change their course, they need to do it now.

Green Bay Packers

Outside of Davante Adams, the Packers don’t have any reliable wide receivers. Adams is the only wide receiver in the Packers’ top five in receptions. Aaron Rodgers has completed twice as many passes to Adams as he has to anyone else on the team.

The Packers are also in a playoff push. But their passing game is a one-trick pony, so adding Ross might give them a little bit of juice.

The only complication is that if there is any team as averse to trades as the Bengals, it’s the Packers. Wouldn’t a trade between the Bengals and the Packers just be poetic?

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs don’t need any extra talent on offense, but theoretically speaking, wouldn’t this be something?

Ross would absolutely flourish in Andy Reid’s system with Patrick Mahomes throwing to him. Ross plus Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman would be magnificent, and it would make life so much easier on Ross since he wouldn’t be the only deep threat on the roster, and Mahomes has easily one of, if not the best deep ball of any quarterback, an area Andy Dalton and Joe Burrow have struggled at.