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Chalk Talk: Hakeem Adeniji shows promise in first 2 starts

Could Hakeem Adeniji be a future starting OT? Let’s take a look at his first two starts with the Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ bye week was sandwiched by two very different games. There was the win over the Tennessee Titans (and substantial adversity) that had us all feeling good about the future, but then there was the frustrating loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in which Joe Burrow looked, dare I say, human.

There was however one constant: That rookie playing left tackle looked pretty good.

This video looks at Hakeem Adeniji in his first two starts.

  • What has he done well?
  • Where has he struggled?
  • What lessons did he learn from his first start to his second start?
  • What does he still need to work on to become a quality starter in the NFL?

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