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Twitter reacts to Joe Burrow injury

Support is pouring in for the Bengals’ fallen leader.

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

For the first 33 minutes of Bengals vs. Washington, it looked like the good guys were on their way to their first road win in two years, a big reason being Joe Burrow having one of his best games of his rookie season.

Then, disaster struck.

With about 12 minutes left in the third quarter, Burrow was sandwiched between two Washington defenders on a pass attempt, and after the play ended, the No. 1 overall pick was writhing in pain on the field.

Burrow would eventually be carted to the locker room and quickly ruled out, as it was pretty obvious he suffered a significant left knee injury.

Soon after, a outpour of support came for Burrow via Twitter.

Initial shock

It was obviously a huge moment heard around the league. As the camera went back to Burrow clinging to his knee, every Bengal fan knew that this season and any sign of optimism in 2020 was completely over. Sadness, anger and even numbness was the collective feeling as everyone came to grasp with the reality that Burrow’s season was likely over.

National media and players react

The news obviously spread very quickly as the No. 1 overall pick from the 2020 draft went down. Journalists and talking heads sent their thoughts and support to the rookie who will be facing plenty of adversity going forward.

I wanted to separate these reactions from the rest because it seems like a good opportunity to remind some fans and people at the end of the day, these players are still people. These players create bonds that go deeper than we can imagine on a surface level. Carlos Dunlap hasn’t been viewed in a very good light by fans recently with the way he forced himself out of Cincinnati, but he was one of the first players to send prayers and respect towards his former quarterback. I’m not telling you how to feel about a person, but maybe we can all learn to take a deep breath before being so unnecessary personal or cruel when talking about players.