Ryan Finely and who should replace him

Look it's pretty obvious this guy has no business being on a professional football field. It's painful to watch and I can't imagine trying to watch this guy play out the season. It's time to move on from this disaster of a draft pick, and it's time to do what we should done in the beginning and let's sign Jake Dolegala to the squad and we hand him the starting gig, Or we breakn him in slowly, let Finely be terrible for the first half and bring Dolegala in to take over. We start prepping him for this season and to be the backup for the future. Not to mention whoever we bring in we need to really understand that he may end up starting the beginning of next season. Judging by the injury I'll be absolutely shocked if a torn ACL is all Joe has, I'm going to go out on a limp and say there's a hairline fracture in there as well as knee cap issues. This could be a long road to recovery. As such we need to prepare for 2021 and Finely just isn't the answer.

Jake Dolegala, a big QB, strong arm and sturdy guy who is a competitor. Finely has that look like he doesn't want anything to do with being out there.

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