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Joe Burrow shows unselfish leadership even through season-ending injury

Talking about the game, Burrow wanted to know how to get better and how the team’s second-half went.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hailed as the savior of the Cincinnati Bengals, No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow was everything the media made him out to be.

One of the two frontrunners for the Offensive Rookie of the Year, Burrow has been putting on a show all season, despite being banged up due to an oftentimes subpar offensive line.

Well, those hits just kept coming, and eventually Burrow went down with an injury that could change his career. Burrow tore his ACL against Washington Football Team. Among other substantial injuries to his knee, Burrow is expected to make a comeback, whether it be in 2021 or 2022.

Thankfully, the best part of Burrow was his attitude about coming to a two-win team. He picked up franchise that showed faith in the rookie quarterback this offseason and quickly led the Bengals, and even after he was injured, that didn’t stop.

On his way back to Cincinnati, Burrow didn’t care about his long-term future or if he’d get paid when his rookie contract ends. He talked to head coach Zac Taylor about how he may improve his game and how the second half went for the Bengals.

As for the second half, Ryan Finley took over the Bengals, who were winning at halftime, lost the game. Now, the Bengals will have Brandon Allen leading the charge going into next week’s matchup with the Giants.

That said, as far as Cincinnati is concerned, this season is a wash. They’ll hopefully figure out how to solve their flaws. The offensive line is one, and they’ll have a top-ten pick to select a player that may help drastically improve that area.

Hopefully this type of injury never has to happen again. The Bengals have brighter days ahead, that’s for sure.