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Bengals vs. Giants: Week 12 Madden Simulation

We simulated Bengals vs. Giants in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the Week 12 game.

Giants at Bengals Madden highlights

The Bengals will now finish the remainder of the season with Joe Burrow sidelined, and while that dramatically lowers their chances of winning right now, the Bengals still have plenty of hope for the future.

Brandon Allen looks like he’ll have first dibs at quarterback with Burrow out, and considering his only competition is Ryan Finley, Allen might offer the Bengals’ best chance of winning. Allen wasn’t drastically better than Finley last season when both quarterbacks were starting for different teams, but the Giants are easily the most winnable game the Bengals have left. If Allen is going to show his stuff, this is the game for him to do it.

With that said, let’s take a look at the simulation to see how it predicts the outcome of Sunday’s game.

The Bengals start with the ball and the drive is going well, but Brandon Allen misses a wide open Tyler Boyd on third down and the Bengals are forced to punt. The Giants get the ball and drive down the field. At midfield Daniel Jones is able to hit Darius Slayton on a deep route for a touchdown.

Darius Slayton first touchdown

Giants: 7-0

The Bengals receive the ball and despite some good plays by Giovanni Bernard and Brandon Allen, Allen’s overall inaccuracy costs them the drive. The Giants receive the ball and drive down the field continuing to have success. However, this time the Bengals defense locks up and the Giants are forced to settle for a field goal

Giants first field goal

Giants: 10-0

The Bengals receive the ball desperately trying to stay in the game, but the drive once again stalls out. The Bengals punt to the Giants, but this time the Bengals defense holds. The Bengals drive down the field, but with one minute remaining in the half they are forced to punt. As the Bengals often do they allow the Giants to drive down the field in the last two minutes of the half and score on a field goal.

Giants second field goal

Giants: 13-0

The Giants receive the ball to start the half and drive down the field with ease. Inside the ten, they are able to hit Sterling Shepard for a touchdown. They go for two, but fail to get the two-point conversion.

Sterling Shepard first touchdown

Giants: 19-0

The Bengals receive the ball and allow two sacks by the Giants; forcing them to punt the ball away. The Bengals respond in kind prompting a Giants punt. On the next drive the Bengals move the ball to around midfield, but fail to convert a third down targeting Tyler Boyd as he was unable to get both feet down. The Giants receive the ball and run down a lot of clock as they drive down the field before eventually scoring on a Dion Lewis run.

Dion Lewis first touchdown

Giants: 26-0

The Bengals receive the ball and desperate to get some points begin to drive down the field. They convert multiple third downs along the way and get to the 21 yard line where they are faced with a fourth down. On said fourth down, Allen targets Tee Higgins in the end zone trying to get the score, but he is unable to bring it in resulting in a turnover on downs. Afterwards, with under two minutes left in the game, the Giants are easily able to grind out the clock for the win.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 6-3-1

Final score and stats