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Bengals vs. Giants snap counts show how important Joe Burrow is

The Bengals offense came to a complete halt without Joe Burrow to maintain consistency.

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Bengals had a much closer loss than many anticipated. Part of that could be attributed to the Giants being forced to remind everyone that Colt McCoy is still in the NFL as he had to replaced an injured Daniel Jones. However, the defense really did its job holding New York under 20 points. Even if it was super ugly at times.

There is still plenty to takeaway from this games snap count. It may be the first one without Joe Burrow involved, but you can see the difference in some things that the Bengals’ offense is doing already.

Here are the snap count takeaways from the Bengals’ loss to the Giants in Week 12:

  • In theme with last week, this space that is normally dedicated to talking about why the Bengals either out snapped or were out snapped during the game Sunday (the Giants ran 81 plays to the Bengals 49) will be used to go more in depth about Burrow’s impact. Burrow’s last full game the offense ran 65 plays. Prior to that it seemed the average snaps were between the high 60’s and high 70’s. Last week the team ran 18 plays in just under a half of football after Burrow had 50 plays early in the third quarter. Brandon Allen had the team running 49 plays on Sunday. Some of that is because Brandon Wilson returned a kickoff, but most of it is Cincinnati being three of 10 on third down, 11 total first downs on the day and three turnovers. The only sustained drive Allen led was when the Bengals were down two scores late in garbage time. This offense doesn’t have consistency without Burrow.
  • One interesting thing that sticks out is Giovani Bernard’s snaps. He played 38 snaps, which isn’t an unusual amount for him, but that accounted for roughly 78 percent of the snaps. Last week, it was closer to an even split with Samaje Perine (7), who even saw some playing time get taken away by Trayveon Williams (5). It makes sense to have the best back out there as often as possible, and it will be interesting to see if that remains the norm over the next few weeks with Joe Mixon on injured reserve.
  • The starting offensive line saw a change up again. Quinton Spain returned to left guard, and Alex Redmond (20) started at right guard, but suffered a concussion at the end of the second quarter. The team then sent Michael Jordan (29) back out at left guard. At this point in the season, I do not understand going right back to Jordan. Hakeem Adeniji didn’t play a single snap with Bobby Hart returning as the starting right tackle after replacing the rookie last week. It seems like giving Adeniji a shot at right guard would’ve made sense. At this point we know Jordan isn’t playing well this season, and that is a perfect chance to see if the versatile Adeniji could be a solution to their interior line struggles. Instead they are content to watch a player who has struggled all season continue to struggle.
  • Geno Atkins (18) continues to only play in what seems to be obvious passing situations. It is hard to say whether he isn’t 100 percent healthy or if this is a coaching decision. Shawn Williams had another fake punt converted for a first down this week to go along with only three defensive plays on the day
  • Josh Bynes (60) led all linebackers in snaps, and I can’t fault playing him that much this week as he played one heck of a game, and he was all over the field. Germaine Pratt and Logan Wilson both played 45 snaps on the day, and Akeem Davis-Gaither pulled up the distant rear with only seven snaps. It would be wonderful to see him get more playing time to try and figure out what this team has in the rookie, but it is hard to create time when the three guys in front of him played pretty good football all day.
  • In the wake of Wilson’s kickoff return, Bengals fans have continued their quest to try and figure out why he isn’t also returning punts. I have a deeper question I want to throw out there. Why hasn’t he played offense yet? He played running back at Houston and many projected him at that position in the NFL. Cincinnati is in desperate need of a home run hitter on offense, and why this team hasn’t tried to run the plays they are hellbent on running with Alex Erickson with Wilson instead is kind of baffling. It just shows another area where this coaching staff doesn’t seem to find itself in a need to be creative. Are his 13 snaps on defense not easily replaced with giving more time to Williams?

Bengals snap counts against Giants

POS. NAME Snaps Percentage of snaps
POS. NAME Snaps Percentage of snaps
WR Tyler Boyd 40 82
WR Mike Thomas DNP DNP
WR Alex Erickson 8 16
WR A.J. Green 40 82
WR Tee Higgins 45 92
WR Auden Tate 10 20
OT Jonah Williams 49 100
OT Fred Johnson DNP DNP
OT Bobby Hart 49 100
OG Keaton Sutherland DNP DNP
OG Michael Jordan 29 59
OT Hakeem Adeniji -- --
OG Alex Redmond 20 41
OG Quinton Spain 49 100
C Trey Hopkins 49 100
C B.J. Finney DNP DNP
C Billy Price -- --
TE Mason Schrek -- --
TE Drew Sample 38 78
TE Cethan Carter 17 25
QB Brandon Allen 49 100
QB Ryan Finley -- --
RB Samaje Perine 7 14
RB Giovani Bernard 38 78
RB Trayveon Williams 5 10
DE Amani Bledsoe 21 26
DE Khalid Kareem 13 16
DE Sam Hubbard 67 83
DE Margus Hunt 36 44
DT Mike Daniels 43 53
DE Carl Lawson 58 72
DT Geno Atkins 18 22
DT Xavier Williams 35 43
DT Christian Covington 36 44
LB Logan Wilson 45 56
LB Germaine Pratt 45 56
LB Josh Bynes 60 74
LB Jordan Evans 4 5
LB Markus Bailey -- --
LB Akeem Davis-Gaither 7 9
CB Mackensie Alexnder 69 85
CB LeShaun Sims 79 98
CB William Jackson 79 98
CB Tony Brown -- --
CB Jalen Davis -- --
S Shawn Williams 3 4
S Vonn Bell 81 100
S Jessie Bates III 79 98
S Brandon Wilson 13 16