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Carlos Dunlap agreed to restructured contract to complete Seattle trade

Dunlap pushed most of his remaining 2020 salary into next season in order to join the Seahawks,

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

In order for Carlos Dunlap to leave the Cincinnati Bengals, he had to make financial sacrifices.

The Bengals owed him a little under $5 million for the remainder of the season. Once he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks, he accepted a much smaller payment for this season.

Per NFL insider Field Yates, Dunlap agreed to a restructured deal that will play him $2M this season and he can earn an additional $3M as a roster bonus next year if he remains with the Seahawks five days after the new league year begins.

From a big-picture viewpoint, Dunlap will end up making more total cash by the time March rolls around, but that means he has to remain with the Seahawks in order to get it. This way, the Seahawks were able to afford Dunlap under the salary cap, and Dunlap will now have a little more motivation to finish the season on a high note to get the remaining $3M next year.

It just goes to show you how badly Dunlap wanted out of Cincinnati if he was willing to take a sizable immediate paycut.