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Tyler Boyd says his connection with Joe Burrow is entering “elite” territory

With the rookie at the helm, Boyd has become one of the most-used receivers in the league.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the season, the Bengals strengths were clear, and wide receiver was one of them.

With two star receivers, a rookie second-round pick and a former top-ten pick on the roster, the team had high hopes for the weapons they were surrounding the No. 1 overall pick with. So far, the one that’s really stood out among the pack is Tyler Boyd.

With A.J. Green having missed a plethora of games over the last two seasons, Boyd has come on as the preferred target for Bengals quarterbacks. The 25-year-old is on pace for his best season yet.

“That’s what I want to say the connection that me and Joe started to form is kind of like elite now, you know, because he knew where I was going to be and I knew where he was going to throw it at when I came out of it. So, I mean, things happen in our favor sometimes. So I mean, I will route with that all day,” Boyd said per’s Geoff Hobson wrote.

Boyd is on pace for the best season of his five-year career. At the midpoint of the season, Boyd is 16 yards shy of 600. Having never eclipsed over 1,100 yards, it’s clear the difference is Joe Burrow.

“That’s my guy. At the end of the day, like I said, I’m not just saying that because he’s on our team, but he shows it each and every week. He never lets the team down or any critics or politics or anything like that. He comes every day to work and he proves himself. As long as he continues to ball and perform why shouldn’t he be the No. 1 candidate?” he continued with.

Currently tied for the third-most receptions in the NFL, Boyd has had a steady stream of targets, but he’s also been able to be among the most consistent receivers on the team, notching a career-high catch rate of 79.4 percent. There are over 25 players with a better catch rate than Boyd but not a single receiver that has over 500 yards so far this season. It’s tough to be that productive and that consistent.

The Burrow-Boyd connection has been a game-changer for the Bengals, and with both as staples for the franchise, it should be a duo that will be around in the Queen City for a long time.