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Praise for Joe Burrow keeps rolling in

Two former Pro Bowl quarterbacks heap the praise on Burrow.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

What do Boomer Esiason and Phil Sims have in common?

They were two of the league’s best quarterbacks in the 1980’s. Both have multiple Pro Bowls, both were First Team All-Pro, and made appearances in the Super Bowl.

They’re also both very high on Joe Burrow.

“He’s a pocket passer. He doesn’t run as much as Andrew Luck, but his assimilation to the game, his mindset, his thought process, his ability to make plays reminds me a lot of Andrew Luck,” Esiason says.

Luck and Burrow were both first overall picks for a reason. While Esiason wasn’t a first round pick, he was the first quarterback drafted in 1984. After ten seasons for the Bengals, Esiason remains the last quarterback to lead the Bengals to a playoff win.

“Andrew Luck was considered a can’t-miss player,” said Esiason. “John Elway was a can’t-miss player. Peyton Manning was a can’t-miss player. I think the jury was out on Kyler Murray when he was drafted just because of his size. But he’s now obviously a can’t-miss player. Joe going into this was a can’t-miss player. I think playing at Ohio State and LSU and being the all-state point guard, he was ready. He was ready for this. His success has shocked me a little bit. But as I watch each and every week, he just picks himself up and gets right to it.”

“It’s so above where I was probably ever in my career, his whole thing about having that great feel, seeing the defense and really understanding the defense,” said Simms, who is an analyst at CBS along with Esiason. “He looks over the defense quick. He’s already has a feel for where he’s going to go and then he can find the next receiver so fast, which he did in college. When he’s gonna get hit and he knows there’s trouble in the pocket, he immediately before he falls apart, can find the outlet guy and just get rid of the football.”

If you don’t put much stock in the eye-test, the data backs it up. According to Pro Football Focus, Burrow ranks second among all quarterbacks since 2006 in passes 10-19 yards downfield through eight games. Burrow is the second-best quarterback at intermediate throws that PFF has ever ranked.

Between the analysts and the data, Burrow is going to be a good quarterback for a long time.