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Marvin Lewis could get another shot in the NFL

Lewis could be a head coach again soon.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Lewis ran out his welcome in Cincinnati, but that doesn’t mean his accomplishments have been forgotten. Younger Bengals fans are now seeing what the franchise looks like when Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, and Duke Tobin are left to their own devices, and it’s not good.

Older fans, like myself, always appreciated Lewis and were hesitant to move on. Not because it wasn’t time. It was. But because we knew we’d end up with another coaching mess, like the Dave Shula days (or even worse). Furthermore, Lewis did a lot in terms of building the roster under perhaps the most difficult and cheapest circumstances in the league. Lastly, he was a charismatic and honorable man who built great relationships across the NFL that benefitted his time.

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that, according to NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, Lewis is again being considered as a candidate for head coach.

Naturally, this was mocked by more immature Twitter users.

Then a number of media personalities and former players came to Lewis’ defense:

Lewis, still only 62, does deserve another shot in the NFL, at the very least as a defensive coordinator. What he did with the Baltimore Ravens in their 2000-01 Super Bowl run was among the most impressive defensive coaching jobs in history. He then powered the sad sack Bengals to multiple playoff appearances with strong defenses and opportunistic offenses.

Sure, those teams fell apart in the playoffs, but coaches learn, especially after time off. But more importantly, those teams were always flawed. Built almost entirely through the Draft with limited scouting resources and no general manager, it was astonishing they were even in position to qualify for the postseason.

Imagine Lewis with a franchise that likes to spend and that will get him the forward-thinking offensive coordinator he always needed to be successful. Honestly, there are far worse options out there.