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No coach in Bengals history has been worse through 29 games than Zac Taylor

Sad but true.

Tennessee Titans v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The Zac Taylor era nightmare for the Cincinnati Bengals went from bad to worse Sunday as the Bengals fell to a now 4-9 Dallas Cowboys team 30-7 at Paul Brown Stadium with their former quarterback Andy Dalton leading Dallas to victory.

With the loss, the Bengals are now just 2-10-1 on the season and in prime position to land a top-three NFL Draft pick for a second-straight year.

Not only is the Bengals’ record in 2020 ugly, but second-year head coach Zac Taylor suffered yet another defeat putting his record through 29 games at an embarrassing 4-24-1.

Taylor’s record isn’t just bad; it’s historically bad by Bengals franchise history standards (which, if we’re being honest, really isn’t good at all in the big picture).

Through 29 games, no coach in team history has posted a worse record than Taylor. Not even the likes of Dave Shula could top the disastrous start Taylor has had.

Taylor’s mark is two and a half games worse than Shula, who served as Bengals’ coach from 1992-96. While he lasted five years as head coach, he never ended up having much success, as the team went 19-52 under his leadership.

Clearly, the writing is on the wall for Taylor, and the Bengals are entering the territory of not having a choice but to fire the 37-year old after the season.