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Zac Taylor sounds off on frustrations following Bengals’ disgusting blowout loss to Dallas

Taylor may be starting to feel the heat as the Bengals lost their fifth-straight game.

Los Angeles Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals have now lost five in a row. Some of these losses have been absolutely inexcusable.

The Bengals just let the three-win Cowboys come in and mercilessly clobber them.

A 30-7 beatdown by the hand of your former long-time quarterback doesn’t sit well, and head coach Zac Taylor, one of the many that could be on the hot seat at the end of the year, didn’t take the team’s shortcomings easily.

Following the game, Taylor sounded off on the team.

Geoff Hobson of quoted Taylor saying: “Irate, stunned. You give a team 10 points right out of the gate without having to take the field. It’s a disappointing start to the game. I couldn’t have felt better going into this game, but to give them 10 points before they had to do anything is a disappointing way to start,”

As Hobson noted, this is the first time in 30 years that the Bengals had a turnover on their first three offensive possessions.

However, it wasn’t just the offense. The Bengals’ defense gave up 30 or more points, just the second time in the last eight games that Dallas hit that mark. It was ultimately an accumulation of it all, and it was ugly to watch.

“It makes you sick to start the way you started today, for as good as you feel walking out of that locker room in pregame. You start with three straight fumbles, and you’re just sick to your stomach. It’s a very difficult way to play football,” Taylor continued with.

Taylor doesn’t have a favorable schedule remaining. The Steelers, Texans and Ravens, in that order, will likely beat the Bengals if things don’t get better, and it could get Taylor even more animated.

That said, Taylor has won just four games in 29 tries. He should be feeling the heat, and if his irate attitude following the Bengals latest defeat spells anything out for us, it’s that the pressure is on in Cincinnati.