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Geno Atkins: A tribute video

Geno is one of the all-time greats

How did it feel for Bengals fans to hear that Geno Atkins has been placed on IR and is unlikely to return in 2021?

(Queue clip of Geno smoking Deshaun Watson)

About like that!

Geno is one of the Bengals’ all-time greats and has truly had a hall-of-fame career. Man does it hurt to see him go, but let’s look back at some of the good times.

I’ve heard people say that Geno Atkins wasn’t very good last year, but that is false.

He may not have had the sack production that we’re used to, but this guy was getting it done against the run.

Here he drives the blocker into the backfield and comes off to make the tackle. This is an awesome play against the 49ers! Here he is running down the outside zone in that same game.

Here he is, against the Raiders last year, absolutely destroying the block and making the goal line tackle in the backfield.

Taking it back to 2018. Watch him use the swim move to get into the backfield and disrupt the run play.

Of course, what everyone wants to see is sacks, and he had two consecutive sacks in that Raiders game. The first shows off his speed, as he swims past the guard and gets right into the backfield. The second shows off his power, as he drives the blocker back into the backfield and comes off for the sack.

Geno is a Bengals legend, and honestly, I think he could have a few good years left in him. If this is the end of the road for Geno as a Bengal, we wish him luck and thank him for everything he has done for this team.