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CBS writer must get Ryan Finley tattoo after losing bet on Bengals vs. Steelers

Goofy smile must be included.


Ryan Finley is now 1-0 as an NFL starter in 2020.

The most shocking part about that is his first win and only start of the year came in primetime vs. an 11-win Steelers team that, while struggling recently, was still favored to win by 14+ points.

But it was the Bengals who came away with a double-digit win, which also ended Pittsburgh’s 11-game winning streak over Cincinnati dating back to the 2015 season.

Finley was mostly a game-manager with just 136 total yards. But on several drives, Finley made several big plays that helped Cincinnati score more than 17 points for the first time since the Week 8 win over the Titans.

Apparently, Steelers fan and CBS writer Ryan Wilson was so confident in the Steelers that me made a bet that if the Bengals won, he’d get a Ryan Finley tattoo.

I cannot wait to see what this ends up looking like.