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NFL Week 16 Bengals at Texans Madden Simulation

Can the Bengals finally win on the road? Let’s see what Madden thinks.

Bengals at Texans Madden highlights

There has never been a sweeter feeling than seeing last week’s Madden simulation being dead wrong, especially considering it didn’t affect draft positioning. But can the Bengals keep this going moving forward?

Coming off an improbable victory over the Steelers, head coach Zac Taylor has to be feeling secured for 2021, and adding another win or two can only further solidify his chances of sticking around next season. Up next for his team is a matchup against a far less imposing roster that happens to feature one of the few elite quarterbacks in the league; one who will surely play better than the current version of Ben Roethlisberger.

With that said, let’s take a look at the sim to see how it predicts the outcome of the Bengals’ Week 16 game against the Texans.

The Bengals start with the ball and Ryan Finley wastes no time before sending things spiraling with an interception thrown on the first drive. After the interception the Texans are easily able to drive down a short field and score on a hand off to David Johnson.

David Johnson first touchdown

Texans: 7 - 0

The Bengals receive the ball and are unable to get much of a drive going quickly punting the ball back to the Texans. The Texans easily begin driving down the field, but don’t have to get very far when Brandin Cooks scores a 49-yard touchdown.

Brandin Cooks first touchdown

Texans: 14 - 0

After the second touchdown the Bengals once again receive the ball hoping to stay in the game. That does not happen though as they are once again quickly forced to punt. The Texans receive the ball and drive down the field with little resistance. They get a first down at the one-yard line and Deshaun Watson takes it in himself for the touchdown on a QB scramble.

Deshaun Watson first touchdown

Texans: 21 - 0

Neither team scored again before halftime and the Texans received the ball to start the second half. At the start of the half both teams had a three-and-out before the Texans received the ball again and drove down the field. Once again, Deshaun Watson was able to break loose on a scramble and get the touchdown.

Deshaun Watson second touchdown

Texans: 28 - 0

The Bengals receive the ball and desperate to get back in this game are able to drive down the field and get a quick touchdown before the end of the third quarter on a touchdown pass to A.J. Green.

A.J. Green touchdown

Texans: 28 - 7

The Bengals’ defense is able to lock down once the Texans receive the ball and stop them around the 40-yard line. The Bengals get the ball back and begin driving down the field, but are doing so incredibly slowly. With under two minutes left in the game, Tyler Boyd (who it was announced is not playing in this game), catches a touchdown to close the gap a bit more.

Tyler Boyd touchdown

Texans: 28 - 14

The Bengals try an onside kick, but the Texans are able to recover it and get a couple first downs so they are able to completely run down the clock and take home the win.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 8-4-1

Final score and stats