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The Bengals are stuck with Brandon Allen

By playing Allen, the Bengals have decided to run the clock out on the season.

NFL: New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Who could have foreseen this coming? A rookie quarterback getting hit at a record rate behind an inconsistent offensive-line went down with injury.

Everyone, of course.

If the Bengals’ coaching staff thought Joe Burrow would survive the season, they’re even more delusional than we thought.

Heading into the 2020 season, there was discussion of Cincinnati picking up a veteran to mentor Burrow and perhaps even step in when he inevitably went down. Joe Flacco would have made sense, considering his extensive experience in the AFC North as well as his stellar playoff record.

Instead, the Bengals stuck with Ryan Finley, who was benched a week ago before he even got a chance to start, and Brandon Allen, who would be a solid quarterback if the NFL only allowed you to pass two yards downfield.

With the team now 2-8-1 and in danger of losing out, one might ask: should they try to bring in another quarterback to make the team more competitive? Colin Kaepernick (RIP the comment section below) is probably the only QB available who would be able to increase the team’s win probability. But we all know how frightened Mike Brown is of alienating certain portions of his fanbase.

So that leaves Zac Taylor with the QBs he chose to start the season. In fact, as John Sheeran points out in the video below, Taylor must stick with Allen, as he is the quarterback Taylor chose for this precise scenario in the offseason. To bench both Allen and Finley and pursue an outsider would be an indictment of his offseason plan. Thus, it’s Allen for the rest of the season. And now we all just wait for the season to end.

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