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Chalk Talk: Breaking down Brandon Wilson’s kickoff return touchdown

Huge play for Brandon Wilson!

The Bengals special teams had a great game on Sunday, and the highlight has to be Brandon Wilson’s touchdown. Wilson took the Giants’ first kickoff 103 yards for the score. This was the longest play in franchise history and tied the game.

Darrin Simmons is known as one of the best special team coordinators in the league and the Bengals special teams shined on Sunday. They once again had a successful fake punt, and they also had an excellent punt return that gave the team a chance to pull off the comeback.

The biggest highlight was clearly Wilson’s kickoff return touchdown. Wilson is extremely talented, but he didn’t do it by himself. This return featured two double-team blocks, kick-outs and an iso block. There were of course a couple of players who were unblocked, but Wilson took care of them, not only with his speed and agility but in the way he intelligently ran the kick back.

This video breaks down the kickoff return, showing the blocks that helped spring Wilson for the touchdown and what he did to take care of the unblocked players.