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Bengals at Dolphins Week 13 Madden simulation

We simulated Bengals vs. Dolphins in Madden to predict the outcome of the Week 13 matchup.

Bengals at Dolphins Madden “highlights”

The start of the Brandon Allen era in Cincinnati was not particularly good against a mediocre Giants team.

Now, Allen will have to face off against a Miami defense who has one of the best secondaries in the NFL. It would not be a hot take to say this could be ugly, with the biggest hope being the Bengals talented receivers winning individually.

With that said let’s take a look at the sim to see how it predicts the outcome of the week 13 game.

To start off with the Dolphins receive the ball, but in the first quarter neither team is able to get much going. At the start of the second quarter though a switch is flipped and the Dolphins quickly score.

Matt Breida first touchdown

Dolphins: 7 - 0

After the Dolphins first touchdown both teams have several failed drives. The Dolphins receive the ball with just under two minutes, and as the Bengals love to do, they give up some points inside the two minute warning. The Dolphins hit Devante Parker in the end zone for a touchdown.

Devante Parker first touchdown

Dolphins: 14 - 0

This time however, the Bengals don’t only give up points in the last two minutes of the half, they also give up points in the first two minutes of the next half, despite starting with the ball. Brandon Allen is pressured and ends up throwing a ball that is easily intercepted and returned for a Dolphins touchdown.

Dolphins first pick six

Dolphins: 21 - 0

The Bengals receive the ball trying to not let this game get anymore out of hand and even manage to string together a couple of first downs. Just before Brandon Allen throws another interception of course. The Dolphins are at least held to a field goal keeping it a three-possession game.

Dolphins first field goal

Dolphins: 24 - 0

Following this the Bengals receive the ball and drive down the field actually getting to the fifty yard line. The drive stalls though and they are forced to punt. The Dolphins receive the ball and march down the field taking as much time off the clock as possible. Eventually in the red zone Miami is able to score on a handoff up the middle.

Matt Breida second touchdown

Dolphins: 31 - 0

The Bengals receive the ball just trying to not get shut out and manage to get a couple first downs even converting on fourth once. However, they have another fourth down try that doesn’t go so well and the Dolphins get the ball back. The Dolphins run the clock as much as possible then kick a field goal.

Dolphins second field goal

Dolphins: 34 - 0

The Bengals receive the ball with just over a minute left, but aren’t able to get even close to getting down the field and scoring. Bengals lose the game by a disastrous 34 points. Against an ascending Dolphins team, this would not be too surprising with the Bengals quarterbacks being Brandon Allen and Ryan Finley.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 7-3-1