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Twitter reactions to Bengals embarrassing themselves vs. Dolphins

Doesn’t get much lower than what we saw in Miami.

What was meant to be a glimpse at the future of the NFL with Joe Burrow getting to face Tua Tagovailoa for the first time, actually became a backyard brawl that no one watching should feel good about after watching.

Cincinnati’s loss wasn’t surprising. They were double digit underdogs coming into the game, and they really played like it in the second half. Then they played without any composure in the fourth quarter to make up for it.

Here are the best of the reactions to the Bengals’ most recent loss.

Tyler Boyd puts the team on his back

The Bengals’ star receiver turned a quick screen into the longest play of his career. The play came on a third down where the Dolphins ran a zero coverage blitz. That means the defense didn’t leave anyone deep to help run down Boyd after he made his initial defender miss. Also tight end Drew Sample deserve a hat tip as he threw a great block that made it easy for Boyd to get to the sideline.

Defense hold strong in the first half

Cincinnati’s defense played well against the Giants, and they came out on Sunday and shutdown the Dolphins offense. There were several players who shined, and the especially did well at keeping Miami out of the end zone.

Refs make terrible call and eject Boyd

There was a strange sequence right before halftime. Cincinnati was driving, and on third down Allen tossed a ball out of bounds over Boyd’s head. A dolphins defender then gave Boyd a shot. The wide receiver got back up taking exception to the hit, and he got in another Miami’s defender’s face who then proceeded to hit his helmet. Boyd reciprocated the hit with a hit to the helmet of his own.

What was the result of all of this? Boyd was the only player penalized with a personal foul, but Boyd and the corner covering him were both ejected.

No, it doesn’t really make sense, to answer your question. It led to The Bengals missing a field goal from beyond 50 yards, and Miami was able to get a field goal of their own before halftime.


The Bengals lost to the Dolphins. That is nothing new this season. The absolutely embarrassing way in which it came was new, and cast shades of 2015 and the final years of Marvin Lewis across the team. Cincinnati lost their composure in a game they were winning up until halftime. The brawl was a bad look, and there were several other incidents with players. It may not have all fallen on this team, but for a head coach who has preached having a certain culture, it looked really really bad. The same seat for that head coach may be getting a little warmer as a result.

Also wait till the end to find out the milestone the 2020 Bengals reached with this loss.