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Quinton Spain held back from engaging Dolphins players during postgame interactions

An ugly game apparently almost got uglier.

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

In a nutshell, the Cincinnati Bengals’ Week 13 game against the Miami Dolphins was a bloodbath. Plenty of Dolphins players left the game injured, a handful of players from both sides were ejected, and the Bengals lost their starting left tackle and quarterback for the game and maybe longer.

The last thing this game needed was more bloodshed, and according to Josh Tolentino of The Athletic, Bengals right guard Quinton Spain was ready for more.

Tolentino reports that Spain was provoking Dolphins players after the game was over and followed them towards their locker room before being pulled away and back towards his own team.

This specific incident didn’t amount o anything like we saw unfold during the game, but after the Bengals dropped their ninth loss on the year in such ugly fashion, it’s not surprising to hear about raw emotions released from their players.

Spain started his third game for the Bengals on Sunday and his second at right guard. The six-year veteran had a solid outing while most of the rest of the offensive line struggled, so this news is not very pleasant.