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Video shows Shawn Williams stepping on ankle of Dolphins lineman

Not good.

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals had what most would consider one of their dirtiest games in team history against the Dolphins. Multiple ejections on both sides of the ball were the result of unnecessary and just flat-out reckless play.

The Bengals had a handful of penalized plays that kicked off many collisions between the two teams, and if we’re honest, they should have. Mike Thomas absolutely cooked the Dolphins punt returner before he was able to catch the ball.

That ignited the second brawl. While the Dolphins still caught the bulk of the flak as they had several players ejected, there were more plays that caught the eye than those that were actually flagged.

Here’s an example of one, which Shawn Williams appears to step on the ankle of #66. The camera was following guard Solomon Kindley as he fell to the ground. Williams does seemingly look down, step, and then look away.

With the addition of Vonn Bell and the superstar ascension of Jessie Bates III, Williams has been largely left out of the rotation. He’s played in less than 100 snaps throughout the 2020 season.

Williams may get suspended for the incident if the NFL takes a closer look at it, which, given how this game went, they likely will.