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Bengals Week 13 snap counts show a late switch along the offensive line

Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come for the rest of the season.

NFL: NOV 29 Giants at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bengals had a throwback game in the worst possible way. Their latest loss against the Dolphins probably reminded fans of the final few years with Marvin Lewis as head coach, or even the 1990s, but it had its own Zac Taylor flair of looking completely inept on offense.

We aren’t here to talk about how an opposing head coach walked across the field ready to square up with a member of Cincinnati’s staff, though. We are here to talk about which Bengals players played the most in this lost season.

The Bengals snap count takeaways for their Week 13 loss to the Dolphins:

  • Cincinnati cracked 50 total offensive plays this week, but ultimately most of that didn’t show up on the scoreboard. In fact, their only score of the day came on a 73-yard catch and run by Tyler Boyd (24) early in the game. The offense was only three of 12 on third downs, but Miami proved you can move the ball while still being terrible on third down. They only had a single third down conversion, but ran 70 plays on offense. The difference is just having a better plan of attack and quarterback.
  • It came at a point when no one was paying attention, but the Bengals did bench Michael Jordan (46) for Xavier Su’a-Filo (6) for the final few plays. Hakeem Adeniji (13) also came in to replace Jonah WIlliams (39) after he suffered a nasty looking injury. It is also worth noting that Bobby Hart (52) and Quinton Spain (52) had a rough time on the right side. Especially towards the end of the game. It just looked like one team still wanted to be out there, and it wasn’t the Bengals.
  • Boyd left the game early with what may be the worst disqualification call in the history of the NFL. You would think that would be the perfect opportunity for A.J. Green, who played 45 snaps, to start contributing. However, he didn’t record a single catch. At this point, you can’t definitively blame the player. This coaching staff has proven time and again they don’t know how to put their players in positions of success. We can go with the hypothetical that Green either has lost a step or isn’t healthy enough to be contributing. If that is the case, why is he on the field as much as guys like Tee Higgins (47) when he can’t contribute. This offense is so short handed, the last thing they need to do is play with one hand tied behind their back.
  • This is also your weekly check-in on Geno Atkins, who played only 13 snaps. Meanwhile players like Margus Hunt (43) and Xavier Williams (27) seem to be higher on the depth chart. We just can’t defend the whole not healthy enough to play major snaps anymore. If he can’t go he should be deactivated or on injured reserve. At this point, would it have been better for everyone to let him get healthy while not playing for a few weeks or playing him in a minimal role. That is also assuming this isn’t just a coaching decision, which would just be one of the biggest head scratchers of the season.
  • Logan Wilson (40) had a pretty productive first half. He made several plays that helped get the Bengals off the field, and he has started to slowly look like a guy who should be the linebacker who is always on the field next season. This next take has nothing to do with the ability of Josh Bynes (48), but he needs to lose a chunk of those stats so we can see Akeem Davis-Gaither (7) more. Maybe the rookie is still rough around the edges, but he needs to work through some of that stuff now. They could also work the rookie onto the field more in pressure packages where his ability to drop in coverage as well as rush the passer should be pretty valuable.
  • This next one is going off the beaten path a little, but one has to wonder why Mike Thomas was even working as the gunner on either of the plays where he had questionable hits on the punt returner. The first one, he was penalized for putting his head down to hit the returner. It doesn’t matter what hit the returner in that, you can’t lead with the crown of your helmet. You may ask why? Well we found out the next play where had he tried to make the play with his eyes up he would’ve seen he was getting there before the ball, and the hit probably wouldn’t have been as vicious. Why is this in snaps? Where the heck were Stanley Morgan and Brandon Wilson who were both active and having one hell of a game as the team’s gunners? Thomas never should have been in that position, and those snaps should’ve gone to guys who were playing out of their minds and not really being used for anything else. Wilson had one defensive snap, and Morgan didn’t play a single snap on offense.

Bengals snaps against Dolphins

POS. NAME Snaps Percentage of snaps
POS. NAME Snaps Percentage of snaps
WR Tyler Boyd 24 46
WR Mike Thomas 13 25
WR Alex Erickson 19 37
WR A.J. Green 45 87
WR Tee Higgins 47 90
WR Stanley Morgan -- --
OT Jonah Williams 39 75
OT Fred Johnson DNP DNP
OT Bobby Hart 52 100
OG Keaton Sutherland DNP DNP
OG Michael Jordan 46 88
OT Hakeem Adeniji 13 25
OG Alex Redmond DNP DNP
OG Quinton Spain 52 100
OG Xavier Su'a-Filo 6 12
C Trey Hopkins 52 100
C B.J. Finney DNP DNP
C Billy Price -- --
TE Mason Schrek 1 2
TE Drew Sample 45 87
TE Cethan Carter 14 27
QB Brandon Allen 44 85
QB Ryan Finley 8 15
RB Samaje Perine 17 33
RB Giovani Bernard 35 67
RB Trayveon Williams -- --
DE Kahlil Mckenzie 9 13
DE Khalid Kareem 17 24
DE Sam Hubbard 55 79
DE Margus Hunt 43 61
DT Mike Daniels 34 49
DE Carl Lawson 47 67
DT Geno Atkins 13 19
DT Xavier Williams 27 39
DT Christian Covington 40 57
LB Logan Wilson 40 57
LB Germaine Pratt 40 57
LB Josh Bynes 48 69
LB Jordan Evans 7 10
LB Markus Bailey 4 6
LB Akeem Davis-Gaither 7 10
CB Mackensie Alexnder 56 80
CB LeShaun Sims 68 97
CB William Jackson 68 97
CB Jalen Davis 1 1
S Shawn Williams 7 10
S Vonn Bell 70 100
S Jessie Bates III 68 97
S Brandon Wilson 1 1