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Bengals partner with local outerwear brand to spark change

Stripes certainly do not come easy.

The Cincinnati Bengals this week launched an official partnership with BlaCk OWned Outerwear, a Cincinnati-based outerwear clothing brand, to help create awareness of social justice issues with their new clothing line “Stripes Don’t Come Easy.” Shawn Williams, Tyler Boyd, and Sam Hubbard are sporting some featured items from the clothing line in the picture above.

Means Cameron, the owner of BlaCk OWned Outerwear, is a lifelong Bengals fan and set out a goal to partner with a professional sports team this year. The Bengals, thanks to the help of Elizabeth Blackburn, made that happen.

“It says a lot about the city and the progress that we’re making,” Cameron told Geoff Hobson of “‘Stripes Don’t Come Easy’ means nothing happens overnight and it’s not going to be easy. But if you have people that put the work in, you get there. And in the year 2020 the Bengals wanted to make that statement, the statement we’ve made over the last decade. It’s beautiful we have that support.”

A portion of proceeds will be donated to MORTAR, a non-profit organization also based in Cincinnati with a mission to help historically marginalized entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Certainly a venture Blackburn, the team’s director of strategy and engagement, could get behind.

“The partnership itself aims to represent unity and coming together in a time when that’s especially needed,” Blackburn says. “It also aims to show people that the Bengals are committed to finding new and creative ways to support local organizations and be involved in meaningful ways in our community.

“This campaign is meant to celebrate people’s stripes – their life experiences,” Blackburn says. “It tries to spark new conversations and friendships by appreciating different “stripes” or different perspectives. Communities, companies and teams succeed when they work together, work hard and every individual can contribute their full-potential — that is what I hope this campaign inspires: better, more unified communities.”

The partnership has been in the making for months now, and it’s just the latest goal the team’s positive community impact committee has been able to accomplish with the direction and guidance of Blackburn.