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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Reds and Greens

The Bengals welcome their former quarterback Andy Dalton back to Cincinnati this week, as we breakdown that matchup. We also chat with former Bengals wide receiver, Tim McGee, to get the pulse of the current state of the team as they sit at 2-9-1.

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The Cincinnati Bengals gave it the ol’ college try on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, but the cards were stacked against them once again. Cincinnati’s offense fell flat to Tua Tagovailoa and Co. to the tune of 19-7.

To help us break down the current state of the Bengals, what may be ahead for them in 2021 and more, we welcomed in the team’s former receiver and one of our favorite guests, Tim McGee. We had quite a bit to catch up on with him after our early spring chat on the program.

We also provided a “Stat of the Week” and preview the upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Should we actually be rooting for Andy Dalton this week?
  • Tim McGee played for both Sam Wyche and Dave Shula. His comments on Zac Taylor in reference to Shula were very interesting.
  • McGee also thinks Marvin Lewis would be successful in another NFL job.
  • The No. 85 has a huge legacy in Bengaldom. McGee was one of the greats, and he believes Tee Higgins is the next in line.
  • A failure at head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals is merely a symptom of a larger problem.
  • And more!

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