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Ohio medical board rejects medical marijuana proposal for Bengals/Browns fandom

To be blunt, this stinks.

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Unhappy faces

So damn close.

A month after an Ohio native petitioned that the sickness of supporting the Bengals or Browns warranted medicinal marijuana treatment, an Ohio medical board did not include it amongst the three new conditions they will consider for this year. The Cincinnati Enquirer had it first.

This was one of the 22 suggested conditions that were reviewed by the board. Considering other conditions such as depression and insomnia were also rejected, it’s no surprise Ohio-based professional football fandom was turned down. We’ve all been depressed and sleepless at some point looking back on years of ineptitude.

ESPN Bengals reporter Ben Baby talked Vincent Morano, the Cincinnatian who requested the new policy back in December. Morano was apparently not surprised to see the petition turned down, but when he was asked to provide letters of support from doctors to back his claim, Morano spoke his truth.

“There’s not a physician in Ohio that will disagree.”

That’s why they get paid the big bucks, no?

Maybe next year, Morano. We’re all counting on you.