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Greg Cosell is reminded of Tom Brady when watching Joe Burrow

Is it possible to receive higher praise?

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

When dissecting an NFL Draft prospect with minimal flaws in his game, nitpicking is sometimes necessary to garner the full picture of his profile.

This was something NFL films legend Greg Cosell talked about on the latest episode of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast when asked about Joe Burrow. Before he was asked to dive into the minor warts of Burrow’s game, Cosell had high praise for Burrow’s mental capabilities.

How high of praise? He compared that aspect of his game to a future first-ballot Hall of Famer.

“He plays with poise. He plays with composure. He plays with a relaxed calmness that actually reminded me at times of Tom Brady.”

Okay then.

The comparison to Brady in this regard isn’t exactly new. Matt Miller of Bleacher Report had a similar take while Burrow was playing in the National Championship game last month. Hearing it reiterated by Cosell, however, does give it more validity. Burrow’s suave demeanor helps him exhibit other important traits at a high level, which Cosell recognizes.

“I would say he exhibited the needed traits that you look for,” continued Cosell. “Poise, vision, clarity, timing, pocket efficiency, precise ball placement, second-reaction ability. To me he’s a high-level prospect.”

Along with Burrow and the other top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft, Cosell was asked about a few quarterbacks already in the league that are in the news. As expected, Andy Dalton was one of them, and while Cosell said he didn’t watch much of him this year, he shared his thoughts on the Red Rifle.

“I think when (it’s) all said and done he’s another guy that needs (to be) protected well, and we know that the Bengals’ O-line this year was arguably among the worst in the NFL,” Cosell said. “Clearly their weapons situation on the perimeter was lacking to a large degree, so he was missing elements—missing dimensions—that allowed him to perform to a higher level. I still think he can function in a timing-rhythm passing game where there’s pieces in place.”

The whole “what have you done for me lately” mantra aside, NFL teams can get desperate when solving quarterback problems. Dalton has had success when the offense around him was fully functional, and that track record Cosell elaborated on could convince a team to give up draft capital in a trade for Dalton.

But back to Burrow though, Brady’s own poise and collectiveness was once compared to Joe Montana, who really exemplified the meaning of succeeding under pressure. You think Montana trademarked his nickname “Cool Joe”? Because that seems like a more apt comparison for obvious reasons.