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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Words vs. Action

Tons on tap this week! We talk about former Bengals players weighing in on the media’s Joe Burrow narrative and if it sets the rookie up for a specific contract, as well as Zac Taylor’s recent comments as it pertains to the team’s free agency approach. We also add another couple of names to our 2020 Free Agency Spotlight list.

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It’s a strange time to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan. Just when it seemed as if the light at the end of a 2-14 season seemed bright upon a new year, old narratives have come to bite the franchise on the back side once again.

Are we just not allowed to have nice things? On this week’s Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast episode, we take a look at the national chatter, among many other topics.

On this week’s episode:

  • The media is piling on the Bengals and creating a storyline that is non-existent. Might it still be getting in the head of Joe Burrow coming to Cincinnati?
  • There have been mixed, open opinions on the Bengals by current and former players. What do we make of their two cents?
  • Mel Kiper, Jr. of ESPN gave us the “Soundbite of the Week”.
  • Just how big of a leg-up does Zac Taylor have in 2020, as opposed to the late start he and his staff received last season?
  • John and Anthony have a couple of trench players who could greatly aid the Bengals through free agency.

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