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Get your Cincinnati Jeaux t-shirt and hoodie!

Celebrate the arrival of Joe Burrow to the Queen City.

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Brighter days are ahead for the Cincinnati Bengals, and a massive part of that is the team holding the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, and LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow is set to be the selection.

After having one of the greatest seasons a college football player has ever had — culminating with a national championship and Heisman Trophy — Burrow is now to set to revive a Bengals franchise that’s fallen on hard times in recent years. Burrow is regarded as one of the best quarterback prospects entering the NFL since Andrew Luck, and you can be prepared for his arrival with the latest offering from Breaking T.

You can now purchase ‘Cincinnati Jeaux’ t-shirts and hoodies to celebrate Burrow’s arrival to the Queen City:

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