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Auden Tate says he dislikes Browns the most among AFC North teams

But Tate cited a different team as the division’s most physical team.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

After two years in the NFL, Bengals wide receiver Auden Tate has a good feel for what AFC North football is like.

In an interview with SB Nation on radio row prior to Super Bowl LIV, Tate discussed what it’s like playing in the physical AFC North, which is just the brand of football he likes.

“I like it a lot because it’s just physical. It’s hard-nosed. We don’t like each other at all, so when we play each other, it’s always hitting so I like the division a lot.”

When asked which divisional team he dislikes the most, Tate chose the Bengals’ in-state rivals.

“Who do I hate the most? It would probably have to be the Browns, definitely. They just think they’re so good, but they haven’t done much. I don’t know. I just don’t like them.”

But it terms of that old-school, smash-mouth football, the Ravens typically present the most physical challenge.

“Ravens are definitely probably the most physical games I’ve probably played since I’ve been in the league.

“You don’t start to feel it until you get on the sideline chilling, but once you’re out there going, you don’t really feel it as much. But it’s definitely physical.”

There’s no question that the Ravens are the class of the division right now, but the Browns were the ones getting all of the offseason hype last year, so one would imagine a lot of Bengals players share Tate’s displeasure with their Ohio rivals.

Be sure to listen to Tate’s full interview below: