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Hue Jackson says Joe Burrow will change landscape of the Bengals

Hue Jackson finally breaks his silence on the Bengals’ quarterback situation.

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals

Hue Jackson knows the Bengals better than almost anyone else outside the franchise.

Even though Jackson spent years with Andy Dalton, he thinks it’s time for the Bengals to draft a new quarterback.

“I think the Cincinnati Bengals should take Joe Burrow and move on,” Jackson said on the Pat McAfee Show.

“It’s hard to find a quarterback in the National Football League. You have to take the swing when it’s there, and he’s sitting there. The guy had a phenomenal season, he’s had a phenomenal career at LSU, and he played as well as any quarterback that is entering the draft has played in a long time.”

Jackson has had three stints on the Bengals coaching staff over the two decades, including one stint of four seasons as the offensive coordinator. Some of Dalton’s best seasons were under Jackson’s coaching.

But even Jackson knows that Burrow offers something that Dalton doesn’t have.

“I would be remiss if I thought they should look at something else. I think they still have a veteran team, but if you don’t have that guy under center its going to be hard to win any games in the National Football League.”

Not only does Jackson have experience with Dalton, but also with seven starting quarterbacks as the head coach of the Browns. Jackson knows the difference between a team with a good quarterback and a team without one.

“The fans are going to come out,” he added. “He’s going to change the landscape of the Cincinnati Bengals.”