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Bengals release Cordy Glenn

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In a very foreseeable move, the Bengals are cutting their losses with Cordy Glenn.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

At long last, the Cordy Glenn saga has officially ended.

The Bengals have released Glenn after being unable to trade him, the team announced Friday.

To say this was inevitable is obvious. The Bengals moving on from Glenn was heavily speculated and as close to being confirmed as humanly possible as the offseason wore on. Glenn was a solid starter as the Bengals’ left tackle for the 2018 season, the same year that they traded down in the NFL Draft to acquire him from the Buffalo Bills, but things went sour in his second season.

A concussion he suffered in the 2019 preseason sidelined Glenn for half of the regular season. The more time he missed, the more frustrated the team became. The situation hit a near breaking point when Glenn was suspended by the team for reportedly missing meetings and practices. Some believed Glenn would be cut or traded soon after, and most assumed he would never play for Cincinnati again even if he remained on the roster for the rest of 2019.

Eventually, those people were proven wrong as Glenn did return to practice and eventually to his spot at left tackle. The former 2012 second-round pick started the final six games of the season and played fairly well, particularly in pass protection.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Glenn and the team never seemed to be fully amended, and Glenn’s release became a matter of when if the Bengals couldn’t find a trade partner, which they apparently could not. Glenn did provide the offensive line with an upgrade at its most important position, but with Jonah Williams now in the fold, his value has become non-existent considering the burden he became with the organization.

Glenn’s release comes before he was owed a roster bonus of $2M and the Bengals will save $9.5M in cap space, which should help them out in free agency.