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Bears trying to trade for Andy Dalton, per report

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The trade that’s been weeks in the making may be close to happening.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is experiencing no shortage of breaking news during the first hours of the legal tampering period leading up to free agency. Multiple blockbuster trades have been accepted around the league, and one more could be in the works.

The Chicago Bears are attempting to trade for a veteran quarterback, and Andy Dalton is one of the options they’re seriously considering. Ed Werder of ESPN reported that Dalton and Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles are both being considered by Chicago.

In comparing the two quarterbacks, Dalton is significantly more affordable to trade for. The Bears would take on his $17.7M cap hit for the 2020 season and go from there. They could also workout a potential contract extension with the veteran quarterback if they are so inclined to do so. With Foles, he’s scheduled to make just over $57M over the next three years, so the financial flexibility isn’t quite there.

This will all come down to compensation, as the Bears hold just three picks inside the first four rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft. They have two second-round picks and a compensatory pick in the fourth round, which is essentially a fifth-round pick at that point. Perhaps some swapping of picks could occur to make this exchange work, but the Bengals will not want to unload Dalton for less than they believe he is worth.

As of now, the Bears seem to be the projected landing spot for Dalton. We’ll see if that holds to be true.