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Tom Brady is leaving New England; could Andy Dalton be heir to the throne?

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Tom Brady has announced he’ll be leaving New England; what does this mean for the Bengals?

NFL: DEC 15 Patriots at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The impossible is happening: Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots.

After 41 playoff performances and almost 300 regular season games, Brady announced that he’ll be playing elsewhere.

Brady will now become a free agent, and after Tennessee locked up Ryan Tannehill, Brady’s options just grew far more limited. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Chargers or Las Vegas Raiders all seem like legitimate options, with the former two being the prime destinations.

The other question that Brady’s leaving brings to mind is who will take over the throne in New England? The Patriots have won an outstanding six of the last 19 Super Bowls, all while having Brady as the team’s fearless leader.

Now, as a report almost two weeks ago linked the Patriots to Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, could the Red Rifle take over and terrorize the AFC?

With the best defense in the league, the Patriots won’t need a superstar quarterback to once again conquer their division. Dalton, who is owed around $17 million this coming season, would enter a situation far different than the one he was put in this past season.

He’d have a top-tier defense, he’d have a stable offensive line, and to be fair, his threats on the edge would be better as well with AJ Green missing all of the 2019 season with injury. Did we mention Bill Belichick would be his coach and Josh McDaniels his offensive coordinator?

Dalton is a capable, former Pro Bowl quarterback that had a rough 2019 season, but he’s still capable of producing at a reasonably high level, and for the Patriots, that’s all they would’ve needed as the quarterback many consider the greatest of all time proved vulnerable.

Entering his tenth season in the league, Dalton threw just 16 touchdowns with 14 interceptions last year. His best season, back in 2015 where he led the team to a 10-3 record, Dalton tossed 25 touchdowns with just seven picks.

He’s capable, and he’s available, two things the New England Patriots will be looking for in their next quarterback. On the trading block with Joe Burrow the heir to the throne in the Queen City, Dalton should be a prime option for the quarterback-needy Patriots.