Worst case scenario question??

So with this COVID-19 virus and the seriousness in nature that it is. As of right now there's really no end in site and talks of a vaccine being 12 months out. If for some reason the NFL was unable to have a 2020 season, I have a few questions. Would that still count as a contract year?? More importantly how would the draft work for 2021?? Would we be 1st again?? I figure this has to be in the backs of guys minds I know it's months away but with this COVID-19 being what it is there would be a real chance of no football. Also since I'm referencing and discussing this topic I want to tell Bengal nation good luck during this trying time and I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe as we navigate these waters. Try to help where we can as well, it's time we all come together for one another.

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