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Stuck in your house? Here’s all the Bengals content you need to keep busy

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Many of you have found yourselves with a lot more time on your hands lately, Cincy Jungle has lots of great content to ease the boredom.

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Does COVID-19 have you trapped at home with nothing to do?

Are you getting bored after binging The Office for the 3rd time?

The Cincy Jungle staff has you covered!

In addition to the new content coming out daily, we wanted to create an archive of still-relevant articles, videos, and podcasts that you may have missed when you were caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday “normal” life.

Click on the links to read more about a specific topic.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Joe Burrow

Burrow may not have competed at the combine, but he still managed to impress the Bengals front office and no, nobody cares about his hand size. John Sheeran has the scoop on both of these topics.

What does analytics have to say about Joe Burrow? John Sheeran has the info for you, and if you like analytics, scroll down to listen to “Podcasts” to hear interviews with analytics experts from John and Matt Minich.

Matt has reactions and film clips from Burrow’s playoff performances. See Burrow’s top plays against Oklahoma or read about how impressive Burrow was against Clemson.

What do the experts think about Joe Burrow?

But hey, it’s not just our guys who love Burrow. John has an article on Greg Cosell comparing Burrow to the GOAT, while Patrick Judis tells you why Kevin Faulk also feels Burrow has a lot in common with his former teammate Tom Brady.

And of course, the man everybody wants to hear from is Hue Jackson. Nick Manchester tells us what Hue Jackson thinks about Burrow’s future in Cincinnati.

People defending the Bengals

There have been a lot of critics putting the Bengals down throughout the offseason, but Patrick Judis found some allies.

He will tell you about how draft expert Mel Kiper has our back and that while some former Bengals have been critical, current Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd won’t hear it.

What about the run game and offensive line?

John and Matt have you covered on that front, too.

First watch as John breaks down the Bengals' change to primarily running a gap blocking scheme and how much more success it led to. Matt has a film room that will show how much success that Joe Mixon had against the Patriots after that change.

If you want to get excited about the future, check out Matt’s Film Room on Fred Johnson coming on strong for the Bengals at the end of the season or go way back to his post-draft film room on Jonah Williams.


Nick talks about how Darius Phillips could be the long-term answer at slot-corner in this article and Matt breaks down Phillips’ performance against the Dolphins in the video below.

As Matt will show you, Germaine Pratt stepped up for the Bengals’ defense as the year went on, but they still need to add another linebacker.

John tells you what linebackers they met with at the combine which could be very important with the limitations on travel in the pre-draft process this year.

If defensive scheme is what you’re interested in, Matt has you covered there in the video below.

Podcast Interviews

Want to hear from former Bengals?

We’ve got you covered with Anthony Cosenza’s interview with Solomon Wilcots and this podcast featuring an Adrian Ross interview.

Need Burrow talk?

Check out Seth Galina on how Joe Burrow adapted during the 2019 season.

Are you all about analytics? We talked to the experts.

Listen in as John Sheeran interviews Austin Gayle from Pro Football Focus and Matt Minich interviews former Green Bay Packers director of research and development Mike Eayrs.

Look Good, Feel Good

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