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Twitter reactions to the Bengals signing safety Vonn Bell

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The Bengals land another big free agent.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Bengals make another big splash in free agency (honestly can’t believe I’m actually writing that. This time the secured a budding star at safety in former-Saint Vonn Bell.

This move helps prove the obvious point of Cincinnati coming into free agency focused on fixing their awful defense from last season.

What were the instant reactions to this signing though?

Continued disbelief

There is no way any Bengal fan could have predicted we see this flurry of spending from Cincinnati. At best, maybe they add a few contributors, but Bell is yet another starter for this team, and who know if the moves are even done yet.

Instant analysis

There seems to be some debate over how Bell will be utilized in Cincinnati. Some feel like this allows Shawn Williams to play in the box more. Others think Bell will be the box safety, and there is also the idea that Williams could be on the way out. We also get a what some analysts view as Bell’s strengths and weaknesses.

Special welcome from a fellow Buckeye

Sam Hubbard has been busy this offseason supposedly recruiting Joe Burrow into feeling like Cincinnati is changing its stripes, and now he was quick to welcome back to Ohio another former teammate in Bell. Has to make the Buckeye fans feel pretty good to see the Bengals giving this much love to their team.