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Bengals expected to be more active in free agency, per report

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Could the Bengals actually sign some big-name free agents this year?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Press Conference David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Could this be the year the Bengals actually become big spenders in free agency?

Typically, the Bengals prefer to re-sign their own players and fill out the roster with low/middle-tier players who sign bargain deals. Rarely have the Bengals even gone after a big-money free agent, let alone signed one, but could that be changing in 2020?

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport expects the Bengals to be “heavily involved in the upper and middle-class of fee agency.”

Rapoport added that he doesn’t think the Bengals will break the bank on anyone, but it would still be very refreshing to see the team more active with impact players vs. settling for stop-gap players who could end up being more of a liability than an asset.

The Bengals would also be wise to add more help on offense to ensure Joe Burrow has a seamless transition in the NFL and has the best chance to succeed.

Saying all of this, Bengals fans and critics will rightfully remain skeptical until the team actually signs a big-name player.