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Chalk Talk: Diving into the film on Vonn Bell and Josh Bynes

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The Bengals keep adding players to their defense, let’s take a look at what Bell and Bynes have to offer.

The Bengals continue to make moves in free agency, particularly to improve their defense.

After a week of “What about linebacker?” from fans and even watching underwhelming 2018 starter Nick Vigil depart, the Bengals finally sign Ravens linebacker Josh Bynes. Bynes was arguably the best available player at the position at this point in free agency and played a large part for the Ravens last season.

That news, however, was quickly overshadowed by the addition of former Saints safety Vonn Bell. Bell is a former Ohio State Buckeye, and a player who many fans were hoping the team would target all along. He is a versatile safety who can play in the deep field zone, but excels in the box.

In this video, I look at a handful of plays from both Bynes and Bell last season to see what the Bengals are really getting.

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