Yannick Ngakoue, DE from the Jags trade??

The guy obviously wants out of Jacksonville and with the addition of Reader to our d-line and the defensive FA signings we've had got me wondering about Ngakoue. We're talking about a guy who has hovered around the double digit sack mark since he came into the league, he's also only 25 years old. Jags have reported wanting a 1st rounder for the guy but it got me to thinking I think there's some different trade pieces we could offer to land him. Obviously the biggest question mark is going to be the ability to get a contract extension done, but look at what our d-line could be if he was added to it. Getting a player like Ngakoue also brings in a young player who can replace Dunlap.

Trade Scenarios-

1) Dalton and flip flop of 2nd round picks #33 for #42

2) Dre K and a 2021 4th rounder

3) Flip flop pick #33 for #42 and a 2021 3rd round pick.

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