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5 Combine performances the Bengals should take notice of

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We take a look at five performances from the 2020 NFL Combine that the Bengals should take into consideration

5 Combine performances the Bengals should be sure to take into account

The Scouting Combine is over, and that means we are getting ever closer to the NFL Draft.

While the first pick may already be seemingly decided for the Bengals, there are still at least six more picks the Bengals will have to make. The Bengals need to maximize the talent added while Joe Burrow is on a rookie contract.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five Combine performances the Bengals should make sure they take notice of when they’re making their picks.

1. Jeremy Chinn

The Southern Illinois safety is going to be making a big jump in competition in the NFL, but the Bengals got a good look at him at the Senior Bowl. He also showed that he more than has the athleticism to stick in the NFL. Shawn Williams is going into the final year of his contract and will be 30, so adding a potential successor may be something that interests the Bengals. Also, adding someone who has produced a lot of turnovers and has the ability to play in the box could be of interest to the Bengals. Chinn can do all of these things, and after that Combine performance, could be a Day 2 option for the Bengals.

2. Denzel Mims

Probably the biggest winner of the entire draft preseason circuit is Denzel Mims. As scouts dug into his tape after the season, you continued to hear more and more buzz. Then at the Senior Bowl, Mims established himself as one of the top players there. The hype train continued into the Combine, where he performed excellently and now has put himself into position to potentially be a first-round pick. If he isn’t, the Bengals should strongly consider calling his name at 33.

3. Zack Baun

He may not have had as good of a Combine performance as Kenneth Murray or Patrick Queen, but both of those guys have a strong chance of going in Round 1. On top of that, there can be an argument that Baun has shown more coverage savvy and he has certainly shown more positional versatility. A pass rusher linebacker hybrid, Baun would offer the ability to both drop down to the edge and add an element of pass rush the Bengals could use, as well as drop back into coverage and man up against tight ends or running backs.

4. Reggie Robinson II

A six foot one cornerback with speed in the 4.4s, Robinson is a very intriguing prospect. In a fairly deep cornerback class with a lot of intriguing players, Robinson could be a player the Bengals could grab in the 3-5 range with future starting potential. Jaylon Johnson of Utah also had good testing at the Combine, and with a couple of options at cornerback that tested well, the Bengals should be able to find some good developmental options on Day 3 of the draft.

5. Stephen Sullivan

Sullivan is a former wide receiver who attempted to convert to tight end this past season, but he was forced to play more wide receiver at LSU due to injuries at the position. He got a chance to finally play there at the Senior Bowl and looked like one of the fastest, most explosive tight ends there. He may still be a work in progress as a blocker, but a big tight end with wide receiver skills and good athleticism is a good gamble to take on Day 3 of the draft.